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Located on the side of Lookout Mountain, just minutes away from downtown Chattanooga, Treetop Hideaways is a boutique treehouse hotel, providing a nostalgic experience resting comfortably in the treetops. Our old growth forest on the side of Lookout Mountain just below Rock City provides visitors with the beauty of nature and a quick drive to any of the nearby attractions. Our desire is that you leave feeling rested, renewed, and energized.

The perfect escape for adventurers, honeymooners, love birds, families and friends.

This treehouse retreat was inspired by a love for adventure, discovery, and a delight in the details. After being let down by so many "glamping" experiences that did not live up to the perfect instagram photos that lured us in, we wanted to provide a place that exceeded expectations, where any pictures taken just didn't capture the relaxed, luxurious, and carefully curated experience. 
We believe the proof is in the details. 

I built a treehouse when I was a kid, and I’ve always thought how wonderful it was to spend time there. Now you have one for grownups. How cool is that!
— Eric H.
This little treehouse was an absolute dream! They went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything we needed and more. Perfect little getaway!
— Brynn



From luxurious to rustic.

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The Elements Treehouse is one of the most luxurious treehouses out there, complete with heated floors, and a walk-in rain-head shower with a glassed in tree growing through...


The Luna Loft Treehouse was built with care in an old fashioned barn-raising style. Every part of this treehouse has a story, like the reclaimed 1860's barn wood...


Inspiration + Intuition


Our vision.


Our goal at Treetop Hideaways is to create comfortable spaces that encourage rest while highlighting the surrounding forest to our visitors. We have been inspired by everything from the classic treehouses we built as kids, to modern architectural designs and tiny house trends, and are using both the latest green technology and some fun crazy inventions as well. We hope to weave all these concepts together into an engaging and cohesive space that provides rest, relaxation, and inspiration.

As much as possible, we have tried to use reclaimed material. We’ve sourced beams and massive windows from local industrial sites, and beautifully aged wood from an 1860’s barn. While we love the old materials, we also want to provide a comfortable year-round experience, so we’ve selectively integrated some of the latest technology to help build a well insulated shell that keeps the wind out and the heat in. To develop the most efficient and sustainable systems, we’ve worked with some of the best partners in the industry, including Greenspaces, EPB, Greenwood Engineering, Palmer Built Environments, Timberline Tree Care, and others. Thanks to this team of experts, we’ve been able to confidently select the strongest trees, build dynamic systems that work with the natural tree growth and sway, and integrate water and energy systems that provide full amenities without negatively effecting the environment. We look forward to sharing our rustic and refined retreat with you, and hope that you enjoy the experience as much as we did in preparing it for you!


Your treehouse awaits.

Treetop Hideaways. Above it all.